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The Canadian War Memorial

Canadian art historian Jocelyne Connolly on the theory and story of Pierre Granche's Canada Memorial in Green Park, London

Jocelyne Connolly

Pierre Granche’s Canada Memorial, dedicated to the memory of Canadian soldiers who served in the two world wars, stands in London's Green Park on a site close to the Canada Gates and to Buckingham Palace.

For Granche, who died prematurely, the commission was a unique opportunity to place Canadian art before a European audience. Jocelyne Connolly tells the story of its making and meaning:

Part 1: Background to the Competition

Part 2: A message-monument and a form-monument

Part 3: Public interaction

Author's Biography

Jocelyne Connolly born in Montreal (Québec, Canada). Critic, curator and art historian, she is currently pursuing doctoral studies in art history at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her research concentrates on contemporary art and exhibition theory and practice. Jocelyne.connolly@internet.uqam.ca

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