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Sculptors and their work

More about Peter Randall-Page

The sculpture shown in the photograph is entitled ‘Give and Take’. It is a 40 tonne granite glacial boulder from Fort William, Scotland.

This new work enabled by Sculpture at Goodwood is the largest and most ambitious single sculpture I have attempted. More importantly it is the culmination of twenty five years studying organic form and exemplifies a new body of work exploring the relationship between geometry and biology.

Accepting the shape of the rock as a given I have mapped the surface with a structure based on geodesic geometry. The entire surface of the boulder is encompassed by an unbroken matrix of 630 hexagons and 12 pentagons, a geometric structure based on the intersection of dodecahedra and icosahedra. These shapes and their numerical relationships can be found in atomic and molecular structures as well as crystalline and cellular growth. They pack things together with optimum efficiency, and nature loves economy. They are the geometry of Buckminster Fuller and the Platonic solids.

Recent / Forthcoming shows:

Peter Randall-Page: Sculpture and Drawings. The Natural History Museum, London. Organised in partnership with The Royal Society of British Sculptors. 2003.

Peter Randall-Page: Nature of the Beast. Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham; Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield; Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne. 2001.

Peter Randall-Page: Walnut Drawings. Creasey Gallery, Salisbury. 2001

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